Blinded By The Light

So far I haven't made any posts about the technical side of photography, topics like equipment for example. This is actually quite amazing given that I am such a tech/equipment dork. It had to happen eventually so here I am with my first equipment post. And in true tech dork fashion, its a complaint. I've been shooting with the Phase One P25/P25+ for about a year now. Before that I was shooting with a Canon 1DS MkII, which I still have and use for certain shoots. I've been mostly happy with the Phase One back, with one major exception: backlit scenes. When shooting into the sun or an artificial light, image detail is lost on a "strip" of the image near the light source. Here is an example:

Migs ReferenceMigs Crop

DeYoung ReferenceDeYoung Crop

Here is Phase's response to the issue:

"the light is hitting the ccd at such a strength that is goes way above and beyond the dynamic range capabilities of the sensor. The anolog electrical signal produced in the pixel is more than it can handle and it gets passed to the next photosite in progression, hence the straight line. A similar thing happens in silver hallide crystals of film with the exception that they pass energy in all directions."

Not very helpful to someone who likes to shoot with heavy backlight.

The problem I have with the response is, I never experienced this with my Canon 1DSmkII. So, I've sent off an email to Leaf to see if their digital backs would exhibit the same problem. I fully expect an email touting how great the Leaf back is and that it will not have the problem. If that is the case I'll blindly buy the Leaf back and live happily ever after... yeah, right. In reality, if I do get a response saying the Leaf back won't exhibit the problem I'll have a Leaf tech come to my studio and prove it does in fact work well in backlit scenes. I'll keep you posted on the results.

If anyone reading uses a Phase, Leaf, or another MFDB and sees or doesn't see this problem, let me know.