I'd Like To Thank The Academy

The wonderful and brilliant "A Photo Editor" (you'll see why I'm kissing up below) decided to team up with photo consultant Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua and do a "live" consultation with a photographer for purpose of posting the results on his blog. Much to my surprise, out of hundreds (thousands, millions maybe?) of photographers I was among the few he selected to get the consultation. However, there is one last step... the "winning" photographer is being selected by the public on his blog.Now, I'm not posting this to get you to go over there and vote for me. I just wanted to let people know that I was chosen to be considered for the consultation. Check out the other great photographers and vote for the one you like best. Of course, how many of them were in a life threatening car accident recently?Whether I win or not isn't important, I am just happy to be nominated. Did that sound sincere?