How did I get here?

I always find it interesting how people get to my website or blog. Some come directly here and some arrive via another website. But often people get here via search engine searches. Here are some of the more interesting ways people found my website and blog: i get naked but girlfriend doesnt how to forget your girlfriend post your girlfriend why girlfriend doesn't want pictures taken how to become a maxim photographer how to look charming to your girlfriend forget girlfriend photographing nude naked workshop dirty photo very funny picture happy christmas you suck maxim bel biv devoe (are people really still searching for them?) alone with her nude nude chilly high school nudes (disturbing to say the least) assignment photography self nude shy portrait make my pictures look cool stop junk mail from playboy entry into locations other tourists can't get into, photography what singers ever get naked on the internet 40 year old woman naked how to photograph a woman naked how woman feel about having there picture taken while naked dirty christmas cards I DONT WANT TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND san francisco undercover cop PEOPLE LOOKING COOL "tail end" "magazine"" ass" jeffs naked girlfriend

And, just today I found my favorite: naked girl duck hunters

I'm surprised I didn't see this one in the list: Jeff Singer is a complete hack

I get over 600 different search phrases a month. Since I don't feel like going through the whole list, this list was only from the last few months .

Of course, by now everyone knows that search engines index websites based on the words found on the site. So, I'm going to seed this post with some words to see what other interesting search phases I'll find in the future... here we go: I'm often excited by horses impregnate my next door neighbor's mexican brothel best way to how to tell parents my boss is a unrelenting itch red bumps on my

That'll do... can't wait to see what I find.

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