Reggie Davis - Zynga

Reggie Davis Zynga I was asked to photography Reggie Davis of Zynga for Tulane University.  As soon as I walked in the offices and saw the large "Zyngabago" in the main entrance I knew I wanted to photograph Reggie in it.  I didn't know if he would be willing to get in, I didn't know if they would let someone get in, and I didn't know if anyone COULD get in it.  And most importantly I didn't know just how big Reggie Davis was.  I'm about 6'2" and I'd say Reggie was about 6'5".  Once I got permission to put someone in the Zyngabago I tried getting in myself... and it wasn't easy.  The seat was very close to the steering wheel and it didn't go back.  I managed to squeeze my way into the seat but it didn't allow for much movement and it was not comfortable at all.  I still hadn't met Reggie at this point, but I thought to myself "if I can get in, he can get in".

When Reggie did show up and I saw how much taller he was I started to get worried.  I didn't even know if he'd be willing to get in at this point.  Thankfully Reggie had a great attitude and was game.  He probably didn't know what he was in for despite seeing the Zyngabago every day as he enters work.  Reggie was able to squeeze in... although, my direction of  "can you move back a bit" was greeted with a look of "you're joking, right?"  I knew it was an idiotic request as soon as I said it.

Knowing how cramped and uncomfortable it was in there I snapped a few shots and finished up as quickly as possible to let Reggie out.  Even after only a couple minutes I could see he was ready to be done with this part of the shoot... although he never complained or rushed me.  The crowed that gathered to watch enjoyed seeing someone in the Zyngabago.

Reggie Davis Zynga