Cole Valley For American Way


Last month I did a shoot for American Airline's in flight magazine American Way.  They wanted me to photograph my old neighborhood, Cole Valley.  I had a great time doing the shoot and visiting my old neighborhood.  I was able to sneak my girlfriend and our daughter Chloë into the shoot as well.  After shooting in the morning, my girlfriend and I went back later in the day with Chloë to check out a new ice cream shop Ice Cream Bar (one benefit of this shoot: free ice cream).  If you're ever in the Cole Valley neighborhood on a hot day (or even a cool day) I'd recommend stopping by.  They have great ice cream and hands down the best home made ice cream cones I've ever tasted

As you can see by the shot, Chloë really wanted that milkshake.

If you're about to board an American Airlines flight, check the seat back in front of you for the issue which is out now.