Free Film

Want some free film?  Sure, it's expired, but it's been refrigerated.  I was visiting mom for Mother's Day and noticed a bag in the back of her fridge that had a container full of film.  Quite a bit of it actually.  So if you want it all this is what you've got to do:  First you've got to retweet my tweet.  Then follow me on Tumblr.  Not on Tumblr?  Well then you can "like" my Facebook page.  Want to increase your chance of getting the film?  Then do all three!  I know, I'm demanding… but look what you're getting:

11 rolls of 35mm film (some Kodak Tri-X, Fuji NPH, Illford B&W) 29 rolls of 120 film (mostly Kodak Tri-X, a few Illford Delta, and a couple Fuji Chrome.)

That's 40 rolls of film!  And you should be shooting more film anyway.

Of course, if you don't shoot film you could still follow me on Tumblr and Facebook if you'd like.

I'll announce the winner on Wednesday.

Thanks to everyone who entered and followed me on Tumblr & Facebook.  The winner is Anna Larina who happens to be a Bay Area local.  Congratulations Anna.

Jeff Singer