You Mean Someone Actually Reads This Thing?

Well here's something I wasn't even aware of until people started telling me the saw my blog featured in Photoshelter's Blog Handbook.  So after thinking "Huh?!?!" to myself,  I looked it up and sure enough there I was on page 23 as a case study.  To my surprise the title wasn't "Blog Case Study: What NOT To Do With Your Blog, Jeff Singer Is A Loser"

You can download your copy of Photoshelter's Blog Handbook here.

What's going on ... not to long ago Adbase had a similar feature on my blog.  Maybe it's not just my mom reading my blog.

Anyway here is what Photoshelter has to say about my blog:

Specialty: Editorial portraiture

Goal: To appeal to potential clients by showing them the personality behind the camera.

Audience: Potential editorial and commercial clients who want to learn more about their photographer.

Key Elements: • Personal, opinionated content • Fully integrated brand presence from blog to portfolio • Links to his social networking sites as well as a live twitter feed on the site of his blog • Good presentation of images and videos • Frequent references back to his portfolios What makes it successful? Jeff ’s blog is successful because you (and photo editors) get to know him through reading his posts. Jeff shares his many opinions, anecdotes about typing on his iPad, and about how his love of guitars lead to a personal project photographing a guitarist.