There's a Contest For That

Who say's You Can't Make money off photography?  I'm sorry, did I say photography... I meant photographers. Photo contests... there are many many out there.  What prompted me to write this post was that today alone I received four emails for photo contests in less than an hour (and then a couple more by the end of the day).  Most contests charge a hefty per image price just for the honor of being judged and hopefully included as a "winner."  Some contests are good and some are bad (most are bad).  These are the contests from PDN alone: PDN Great Outdoors Photo Contest PDN's The Look Photo Contest PDN's Top Knots Photo Contest PDNedu Student Photo Contest PDN's World In Focus PDN/Billboard Ultimate Music Moment Photo Contest PDN PIX Digital Imaging PDN Photographer's Self Promo Awards PDN Faces

and the big kahuna... PDN Photo Annual

So, I'm now announcing the first official 2010 I'm A Photographer And Need Your Approval Photo Contest (or the Free Useless Photo Contest... not sure which I like better).  Each photo entered will cost you $0.  Just add a link to it in the comments section and retweet if you have a twitter account.  I will choose my favorite image an create a blog entry for the "winner" with your photo and a link to your website (hey... you get what you pay for).  Entries must be received by May 15th... which if I run this like every other photo contest means there will be an extension,  an extension to the extension... and then one more final extension before the absolute, God's honest truth... this is really the last extension extension (PLEASE BE AWARE:  there is a 10% markup to the entry fee with each extension)

My best guess... there'll be about two people who enter... so your odds of winning are pretty damn good (btw... I'm serious about this).

Update: Apparently all the comments are getting marked as SPAM since they all have links... so if your comment doesn't show up right away don't worry,  it will after I un-SPAM it.

Jeff SingerContests, PDN