The Soon To Be World Famous Emily Merrill

Emily’s Winning PictureThis is a shout out to my dear friend and assistant Emily Merrill. Emily entered the above picture into APA San Francisco's Something Personal Exhibition and was notified that not only was she accepted, she has in fact won best image of the show! So suck on that all you big time San Francisco advertising photographers... my assistant can kick your assistant's ass... and yours for that matter... and mine!Yeah, I had my entry accepted into the exhibition as well, but clearly the truly talented are the ones that get the recognition.Emily, I will be submitting my resume to you ASAP. I hope you will consider me for any assisting positions you may have open. It would be an honor and joy to work for you. And remember, all those times I mocked you in front of the clients and locked you in the car... I was totally kidding! (Why have you stopped returning my calls?)Congratulations Emily I am very proud of you. Can I tell people I discovered you?Here is a shot of Emily I took on a shoot last week. She often makes my life difficult because its next to impossible for the real subject to be as lovely and graceful as Emily is in the setup shots... you try sticking a grumpy business man in her place and comparing the results!Emily Merrill