Dirty Dingle

Dirty Dingle

Its been a while since my last entry. I'm hoping I'm providing quality and not just quantity. (although I realize its likely neither)

This weeks entry is in honor of Halloween. My friend Deirdre has what I consider to be one of the cutest dogs I've ever met. The dog's name is Dingle (named for the port in Ireland, not the berry).  Dingle is a small Hungarian Puli.   As some (crazy) people like to do with their animals, Deirdre occasionally dresses Dingle up in strange costumes. Normally I find this practice annoying, but for some reason I enjoy seeing Dingle in her various outfits. Deirdre got the idea that Dingle should be dressed up as a Mexican in a sombrero and poncho for her Christmas cards... yes, Christmas cards.

I wanted a grimy border town feeling for the picture so we headed to a back alley in a not so savory section of The Mission.  The alley had exactly the look I wanted, so we set up shop and begin taking pictures.   During the shoot, we were approached by a "lady" who looked a little questionable.  She walked up to me, looking around suspiciously, and asked me if I had any crack. She was asking in a way you would think is only done in movies, as if I or someone near by just might be an undercover cop.  I had to let her down by telling her I in fact did not have any crack for her.  Disappointed, she walked away.

During our little shoot she returned quite a few more times to check back in, just in case my supply had changed.  It hadn't. I'll give her this much, she was very persistent... or she just didn't remember having already asked me... I'm not sure which.  As we continued taking more pictures of the the siesta-esque Dingle we believe that the woman apparently found what she was after. Not thirty yards from where we were, we noticed her and some of her "friends" standing in a circle enjoying what we can only imagine to be what she previously was hoping to purchase from me.  It was at this point we thought it would be a good idea to pack up the gear, grab Dingle and move on.

Needless to say we were very happy to get out of there not only with what I think is a funny picture of Dingle, but also with our lives.   And you'll be happy to know that Deirdre won "best Christmas card" among her friends and family with the "Dirty Dingle" picture.   Maybe I have a future in taking pictures for greeting cards... and with that thought, please excuse me while I go kill myself.

I hope everyone has a happy Halloween.