Its Easy Being Green

Unfortunately I'm a fairly simple minded and easily persuaded person... I'm the type that reads and article or sees a dateline segment and thinks "yeah, that's terrible, lets do something about it!" A friend of mine works for Current TV which is Al Gore's TV network. So, of course my friend had the new issue of Fast Company with Al on the cover.One of the articles in the decidedly Green issue was about bottled water. Now, I know the last thing you came here for was to get the views of another idiot spouting information you either already know or don't care all that much about, but hey, this is my blog so I'll say what I want. I have no doubt bottled water has had a positive effect on society if only for the fact that there was a time it wasn't available and people instead were likely drinking a bottle full of sugar in some form or another. But when you learn about the effects all these bottles of water have on the environment from creation, transportation to disposal it makes you wonder why the hell you're drinking the bottled water. After all, we all (especially for those of us living in San Francisco) have equal quality water coming right out of our taps. Just about everywhere we buy our bottled water will also have perfectly good tap water for us.I'll end my little diatribe and let you read the article and decide for yourself. So, how am I going to bring this around to photography? I'm not, directly anyway. Only to say that over the last few months I've done a couple of shoots for 7x7 Magazine that were on the green side. The picture above is Sarah Weiner of Slow Food USA which is an organization that wants to reach out to consumers and demonstrate to them that they have choices over fast food and supermarket homogenization and to create a movement that protects taste, culture and the environment as universal social values. You mean, I shouldn't be eating this Big Mac right now? Well, at least I went with the tap water. On to the next cause.