1 Years Gone

I can't believe its been over a whole year since my last blog entry. Well, time flies as they say. So, I think its time to start up the blog again. Like anything in life you just need to get into a habit and that is what I need to do to get back into the blogging mode (not that I was ever heavy into the blogging in the past). So, for my first entry in over a year I keep it short and simple. That way I can work my way back into blogging and have something to write about on those days where thoughts aren't flooding in. The shot I'm posting today is from a recent personal shoot I did. I loved the retro look of the subject's dress. So the makeup artist (Veronica Sjoen) gave Tina a look to go with the dress... trust me, if you saw the other looks we did you wouldn't think it was the same person. I love the calmness on her face... which again, if you saw the other pictures you wouldn't think it was the same person. Anyway, that is all for today, check back and I promise it won't be a year before my next entry.