John Chambers - Harvard Business Review

Cisco System's CEO John Chambers for Harvard Business Review

Before I was a photographer I was an engineer at Cisco Systems.  Since I'm often being asked to photograph CEO's of the valley's tech companies I assumed it was only a matter of time before being asked to photograph John Chambers, Cisco's CEO.  I've been back to the Cisco campus on a few occasions to shoot engineers, but it was Harvard Business Review who finally sent me to photograph Mr. Chambers.

It was a strange experience going back to Cisco to photograph the CEO.  The Cisco campus is large, but we did the shoot right next to the building I spent most of my time in while at Cisco.  When I was at Cisco in the late 90's they were the largest company in the world, so John Chambers was a bit of a legend to Cisco employees (he's still considered the third best performing CEO in the world according to HBR).  I remember going to the company wide meetings where he would speak and everyone left the meetings motivated and proud to work for Cisco.  I guess that's what a good CEO does.

Of course, when I told my mom I would be photographing John Chambers, the first thing she said was to "make sure to ask him if I can get my old job back."

John Chambers for Harvard Business Review