New York City

Last month I had a great trip to New York for the fall NYCFotoworks.  I’ve been going to the summer NYCFotoworks for the last few years but this is the first time I’ve gone in the fall.  I know it’s cliched, but nothing does beat New York City in the fall.  Every time I visit New York it gets harder and harder to leave.

Thanks to Citi Bikes, this was the first trip to NYC where I didn’t take a cab or the subway once.  Aside from a few issues at their docking stations having access to a bike everywhere I went was great.  I don’t think there’s a better way to get around and explore New York than on bike.  However, I’m not sure what people do in the snow.

Banksy was also in New York for his monthlong Better Out Than In residency.  I was looking forward to seeing some of his work although my schedule made it a bit difficult.  However I was waking back to my apartment one day and came upon his McDonald’s performance piece right across the street from my apartment.  I couldn't make it to see a Banksy so the Banksy came to me.  I also happened to be a few blocks from the Bowery right when his Reaper exhibit was announced.  It only took me a couple minutes to get there but there was already a large crowd.

Irving Penn, The Pace Gallery New York City

Irving Penn, The Pace Gallery New York City

I had a great week in New York and got to meet a lot of great people: photographers, reps, potential clients.  A special shout out to Catalina Kulczar (a great Brooklyn based photographer who may have convinced me moving to New York is a good idea), Colleen Vreeland (a great New York based consultant who introduced me to a lot of people I wouldn’t have otherwise met), and James Taylor (a great New York based rep who took the time to come meet and treat me to a great breakfast).  It was great to finally meet in person.

I'm already looking forward to next year.