Michael Mina - Ocean Drive Magazine

Michael Mina I was asked to photography Michael Mina for Ocean Drive magazine.  They wanted a shot of Michael with a tool that he uses often as a chef.  When he arrived, the only thing he really wanted to be photographed in was his 49er's jacket.  I'm not really sure how that applies to his being a chef, but given that he's a long time 49er's fan, I'd say its a good time to show off the colors.  Thankfully I was able to talk him out of it (the magazine was really hoping I would get him to choose something else).  He ended up going with a truffle slicer and a truffle.

I've never really used an actual truffle.  I've used truffle oil and truffle salt.  I didn't realize just how potent smelling those things are.  I do love Macaroni & Cheese wit truffle oil though.