John Searle, Philosopher

John Searle

I photographed John Searle, a UC Berkeley professer of Philosophy for German philosophy magazine Hohe Luft.  Philosophy has always been one of those subjects in school I never quite understood from a practical standpoint.  Maybe the article on Mr. Searle could have helped with that but I won't know since it's written in German.  But I will say that Mr. Searle was an interesting man and interesting to listen to.

I also took some shots of the interview, which was conducted in English, so I did hear what they were talking about... although I can't claim to have fully understood.  At one point I recall Mr. Searle discussing how it is entirely possible to be in one room listening to a truthful speech while on a different plane in a different universe listening to the same speech that contained all lies.  Or something like that... Of course, I'm heavily paraphrasing but I'm sure that last sentence made as much sense to you as what he was actually saying made to me.  At that point I had to rest my brain and just keep shooting.