New Tumblr

New Tumblr

Despite my thoughts on what Tumblr is doing to photo blogs, I just did a big redesign of my Tumblr page and gave it a new home on my domain.  The new design is much cleaner and sports much larger images.

I'm actually starting to see the use in Tumblr as an alternative to a traditional blog.  I think it's great for showing people a stream of your work and images that you wouldn't necessarily want to show anywhere else.  The things you show on Tumblr are fleeting so you can show some outtakes or not-as-refined work or even just some snapshots.

I still stick by what I said in my last Tumblr post though.  There are a lot of photographers who's blogs I followed that had a lot of great text to go with their images.  But after they moved to tumblr the writing was gone (of course there were others where I was glad to see the writing stop).

So, I'll still write longer posts here while my Tumblr page will only be about images.  I'm also going to try posting something daily over there.  It may be old or new or whatever I happen to be doing on a particular day.  But the goal is to post something daily(ish).

So, check out the new Tumblr page and follow if you're on Tumblr: 

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