Kaggle Founder Anthony Goldbloom

Anthony Goldbloom Kaggle

I photographed Kaggle founder Anthony Goldbloom for the Australian magazine In The Black.  Kaggle is one of the many tech startups in my old neighborhood SoMa (which to all I say, thank you for the higher rents).  San Francisco magazine just did an article on the subject of the current influx of tech companies into San Francisco and how it's changing the city.  It's an interesting read if you (can still) live in San Francisco.

We moved out of SoMa a few months ago for a larger place in the Dogpatch district (the perennial  up-and-coming- neighborhood, which actually may finally be about to burst out).  You could definitely feel the tech presence in SoMa and I'm not so sure it's a positive thing from a "neighborhood that you live in" perspective.  We're a bit further away in Dogpatch but it feels much more like a neighborhood.  And, being only 30 yards away from my studio doesn't hurt.

I've had my studio in Dogpatch since about 2006 and it has changed immensely.  I don't think I would have wanted to live here back then (according to Dogpatch locals who have been here a while, the place next door to us was literally a crack house and the place across the street a brothel).  But now there's nothing to worry about, gentrification is in full effect with not one, but two gourmet chocolatiers opening shop along side an already open gourmet ice cream shop and many other higher end restaurants.

I'm sure the Dogpatch locals aren't too happy with all the changes going on.  But hey, we're in San Francisco... everyone has something to complain about here.

Not sure how I got sidetracked in this post.