Joe Sullivan - Facebook CSO


Joe Sullivan Facebook CSO

As I mentioned in my Rebbeca Van Dyck post, I headed over to the new Facebook campus to photograph CSO (Chief Security Officer) Joe Sullivan for the cover of CSO Magazine.

I was hoping to get a shot that had a dark mysterious mood to it and after walking around Joe's building in I knew I found my spot in this unfinished area.  I felt like I was on an alien space ship with all the cables and tubes coming out of the ceiling.  Of course, it could all be for the new Human Harvesting & Cloning Division of Facebook (Possible tag line: "Why does there only need to be one of you checking in to your favorite restaurant?")  Look for that feature in your Timeline soon.

Sorry, I didn't get any Facebook security tips or ways to make sure that hot girl you've been chatting with isn't really a 58 year old man in Russia.

The highlight from the shoot was possibly the free gourmet french toast they give out in the morning to Facebook employees (they made an exception for me).

And to show what a small photography world it is,  just as I was preparing this blog post I noticed Bay Area photographer and friend Timothy Archibald just posted about his shoot with Joe Sullivan.