Shoot Film

I've been shooting film on all my editorial shoots so far in 2012 and I plan to continue (unless things like deadlines call for digital).  Whenever I mention that I'm shooting film to the Photo Editor or Art Director, they pretty much say the same thing;  "Film?  Cool!  I love film!"  A Photo Editor just the other day said to me: "Oh, you shoot film?  No wonder I love your work!"

Then, when I get to the shoot and pull out something like my Mamiya RZ67, every subject has said just about the same thing;  "Whoa, what kind of camera is that?  You're shooting film? Wow!"  You know what I hear a lot when I pull out a Canon digital?

"Oh, I have one of those."

Update: Of course, the day after I post this, Kodak files for bankruptcy.  Time to stock up?