Andrew Bangs


I met Andrew Bangs working on a shoot for Blackbook Magazine covering Noise Pop.  Andrew is a writer here in San Francisco and if you need to know where you should go in San Francisco Andrew is the man;  He researches restaurants and bars for Blackbook's City Guide.  Sounds like a good gig to me.

Andrew gave me a shout-out in a Scout Mob interview today:

SCOUT: Noise Pop was about a week’s worth of events, but you must have had one super memorable moment. What was it? ANDREW: It actually wasn't at a show or anything like that. One morning we were scheduled to meet the singer Ted Leo at the Peace Pagoda in Japantown for an interview & photo shoot. He was running late, so the photographer Jeff Singer and I just hung out and had a long conversation. Jeff's a real cool guy, SF based, super talented.

Well thanks Andrew, you're a cool guy as well and  it was fun hanging out in the freezing cold waiting for the hung over rock star who would never show (although my girlfriend thinks she's the reason it's was the most memorable moment... understandable).  And thanks for being my stand in at the shoots.