Embarcadero Skater

I have some recents scans (I'm trying to shoot less digital these days) for what will probably be an ongoing series of surfers and skaters .  This is the first of them.  I just got the scans back from Hanson Digital and made a few adjustments to get the image where I liked it.  I'm still working on it.  I like where it's at but now I'm trying to decide if I should have a retoucher give a pass at these images.

I don't usually have a retoucher work on my images but have a couple times in the past and I usually like the results more than what I did with the image.  I'm not big on heavily retouched images.  I tend to like images that look more natural and film like.  These days it seems like far too many photos are retouched and processed to within an inch of their life for my taste.  But getting a nice consistent look for these would be great.

Another problem I have is endless fiddling... One minute I'm happy and then when I come back to an image I want to make changes.  It's hard for me to be done with an image.  But when a retoucher gives me back an image I never touch it... to me, it's DONE.

What do you think?  We'll see what I decide once I get some more photos taken.