Christopher Hitchens

I photographed Christopher Hitchens a while back for the Village Voice.   I just read that Hitchens will be going through chemo therapy for cancer.  Love him or hate him I don't think you could deny he's an original and speaks his mind regardless of the trouble it may get him in (read the comments at the linked article and I'm sure you'll find equal number of people wishing him ill as wishing him well). He's been one of my most interesting subjects to date and did not disappoint with what I was expecting (among other things, rolling out of bed at noon with a cigarette in hand and a constant flow of cigarettes thereafter).  I hope all goes well with the chemo therapy for Mr. Hitchens.

Hitchens' memoir, "Hitch 22: A Memoir" was just recently released.  You can read an excerpt on Vanity Fair's website.

Update December 16th, 2011: RIP Christopher Hitchens.