World Cup Fever

Now that the US is out of the world cup I need something to make the rest of the games more exciting.  Because when watching the US matches, every minute was really exciting (especially with their tendency to go down a goal early).  But now I find that I'm just not that into the games.  They're still fun to watch, but I have nothing vested in them.

So, to make the World Cup a bit more exciting for me I'm going be offering free prints via Twitter to randomly chosen people who retweet about the giveaway and my selected team loses.  This should increase my excitement a bit since I don't particularly want to take the time to make and send out free prints.  So, stay tuned to my Twitter feed during select matches and maybe you'll get a free 5x6 print of one of the images above.

More about my prints here.

Sunday June 27th Match: Mexico vs. Argentina: Giving away 2 prints if Argentina wins.  Results: Argentina wins 3-1 (although it should have been 2-1).  2 prints given away.

Monday June 28th Match: Brazil vs. Chile: Giving away 4 prints if Chile wins.  Results:  Brazil wins 3-0

Tuesday June 29th Match: Spain vs. Portugal:  Giving away 1 print if Portugal wins: Results: Spain wins 1-0

Friday July 2nd Match: Uruguay vs. Ghana:  Giving away 2 prints if Ghana wins:  Results: Uruguay wins in penalty kicks.  It was such an amazing finish I'm giving out one of the prints anyway.

Saturday July 3rd Match: Argentina vs. Germany: Giving away 1 print if Germany wins:  Results: Germany dominates 4-0. 1 print given away.

Tuesday July 6th Match: Netherlands vs. Uruguay: Giving away 2 prints if Uruguay wins: Results: Netherlands win 3-2.

Wednesday  July 7th Match: Germany vs  Spain: Giving away 1 print if Spain wins: Results: Spain wins 1-0.  1 Print given away

Saturday July 10th Match: Uruguay vs Germany: Giving away 1 print if Germany wins: Germany wins 3-2. 1 Print given away

Sunday July 11th Match... THE FINALS: Spain vs Netherlands: Giving away 1 8x10 print if The Netherlands win:  Results:  Spain wins 1-0.

Final Tally: 6 Prints given away

Some rules: * Only one entry per person per match * Your retweet must have been sent before the match starts * You must also be following me on Twitter * These rules may change at any time