Investment Advisor Cover

The above image was used on the cover of the January 2010 issue of Investment Advisor (as if you couldn't read).

I'm not big on compositing.  I tend to like straight photography (although, now days you never can be too sure).  Whenever I see a photographer who does those big time 52 images to make one image, I'm never really impressed.  But, a lot of times I'll go to the "personal work" section of their website and see straight images that I like.

Since I don't do much compositing, I'm obviously not that adept at it.  The above image probably maxed out my compositing skills (and yes, I know there is literally no easier image to composite that than putting two people against the same backdrop together).  If I ever get called on to do some images that require heavy compositing, I'll definitely be outsourcing to a retoucher.

Here are the two separate images.