Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

With what seems like everyone and their mother using an iPhone to make "fauxlaroids" it almost seems silly for me to actually carry around my recently purchased SX-70 camera and spend money on the last remaining stock of Polaroid film (which is getting damn expensive at about $6 a shot when you factor in the shipping from Hungary).  Did I say "almost" silly...  no "almosts" about it.  I don't think I've seen a Facebook photo update recently without the fake Polaroid treatment being applied.

But, in stark opposition to everything else in my life, when it comes to my creative tastes (photography, music, movies, etc) I seem to be stuck in the 1970's.  Film, vinyl and Pong all the way for me... ok, not Pong (although I do remember my dad having a Pong machine... hard to believe, but there was an entire machine dedicated to the technologically and graphically sophisticated Pong.)

As I posted not too long ago, I bought an SX-70 and a few packs of Polaroid film with the hopes that The Impossible Project will be able to come up with a color film that matches the look and feel of the original Polaroid film.  I haven't really been using it much... I think I've only shot a few sheets since buying the camera.  Possibly because I'm actually afraid to use it, for fear of not having anything to replace it with.  Anyway, I'm just now getting around to scanning the few frames that I have shot with it.

As it stands right now, I only have about 19 shots of Polaroid TZ Artistic left (and I love the colors you get with this film).  I was trying to decide if I wanted to come up with a specific project for the film or just shoot random things that catch my eye.  For this film, I decided to just shoot random things.

I do however have six boxes of Polaroid Fade To Black (48 shots) that I haven't taken a single picture with yet.  This looks like a very cool film with a unique look, so I'm going to try and come up with a project specifically for this film.  I haven't figured out what it will be just yet so the film just sits in my refrigerator, hopefully not going bad before I figure out a good use for it.

So here's to hoping the geniuses over at The Impossible project have something good up their sleeves.

More of my Polaroids here.