Rickenbacker 330

No post for three months and then two days in a row.  Don't get used to it.

A while back I posted about my love for guitars.  Since then I've added a couple guitars to my collection and believe me, it's a challenge not to stop in and see what's new every time I drive by Rocker's Guitars.  And since I can't seem to play them very well, I decided to put them to use in other ways and started photographing them.  I'm not really a still life or product photographer, so this was a new experience for me.

For now the images are limited to my guitars, but I've got a lead on some more cool guitars.  And if something should "happen to them" while I'm photographing them... well, lets hope the owners won't want to search my apartment.

I just created a new guitar gallery on my website and you can check out all the pics here.  I have another guitar related project that I'm hoping to start soon, so check back for that in the coming months.

The picture above is the same Rickenbacker 330 I posted about here.

Gibson Les Paul Goldtop 1957 Reissue: Gibson Les Paul Goldtop

Gibson ES-175SP Gibson ES-175SP