An Editorial Day

Morning Plane

05:00am - Leave Home 05:30am - Get to Airport 06:30am - Take off for LAX 07:50am - Land at LAX 08:15am - Rent car 09:30am - Get to location & setup 10:00am - Start shooting 11:00am - Finished shooting 12:00pm - Back at LAX, edit in waiting area 01:55pm - Take off for SFO 03:15pm - Land at SFO 04:00pm - Get home

Client: Psychology Today Total Day: 11 Hours Total Shoot Time 1 Hour


Why is the best part always the shortest?

It's funny, I do corporate jobs that pay a lot more money and take a lot less time than editorial shoots like this.  And yet, I still  prefer the editorial work*.  Now if only magazines would stop dying.  Forget the trees, save a magazine.

*I still like the corporate work too.