Rickenbacker 330

Rickenbacker I love guitars.  If I could, I'd have a room full of them.  Now, don't take this to mean I play the guitar.  I play a little, but I'm very bad.  I can play bits and pieces of songs  I like, but I don't think there's one song I could get although way through.

This weekend I decided to buy a Rickenbacker 330.  I've wanted this guitar for a while.  I can't really explain what made me pull the trigger and buy one this weekend.  I honestly hadn't even thought about it in a long time and I certainly don't have a need for a new guitar (I already have a nice Gretsch Hollow Body)... but as can happen when browsing the Internet, I ended up on a video of Dan Auerbach (whom I'll be seeing in concert on the 13th at Bimbo's) and he was playing what looks to be a vintage Rickenbacker 330 Rickenbacker 360/12C63.  That seemed to be all the motivation I needed.

Buying a new guitar is a lot like buying new camera equipment. There's always the hope that the great new piece of equipment is going to make you better. But we all know that isn't true... as my neighbors can now attest to.