My First Protester

Protestor While setting up for a shoot in front of Moscone Center last week, I was greeted by a loud and dedicated protester.  Inside the center was the annual Mortgage Brokers Association Convention & Expo.  Outside was the lone protester.  He was protesting the government bailout of the mortgage and financial industry.  What he lacked in numbers, he made up for in heart.  The fact there was only one of him didn't stop him from taking the opportunity to disrupt the mainstream media (I guess that would be me) from glorifying the mortgage industry and the government bailout (again, me?).

Unfortunately for him we weren't quite ready to shoot and were only in the setup phase.  Sadly, he was ushered away by the time the shoot was ready to begin.  I didn't want him to feel like he didn't accomplish anything, so I went ahead and snapped this shot of him in action.

Fight on lone protester, fight on!