We All Could Have A Little Work Done

Needs WorkI've been reading interviews with a few of the leading fashion/editorial/advertising photographers working today. These are the photographers taking the cover photos of the top fashion magazines. Photographers shooting the latest ad campaigns for top designers. These are the photographers that are likely known to people who know nothing about photography. Whenever one of the the photographers was asked about the extent of retouching done to their photos they would say they do no retouching to their images.I had to laugh at that. Are these photographers, who are clearly at the top of the photographer food chain, so vain that they can't admit that their images have had work done to them? What is it about their ego that can't let them admit that their images need work after the photo has been taken. I think that we've seen more than enough evidence to the contrary. I've seen images from great photographers before any work was done to them, and trust me, they all needed post production to get them to their final state. Why do some think this is a bad thing?Maybe when they say "they" don't do any retouching to their images they're playing a game of semantics. Because, I'm quite certain that they don't do the actual retouching. These are photographers that have people to do things for them (one even seemed to take pride in the fact that he didn't even know the type of equipment he was shooting with). Maybe the magazines/clients are getting the top retouchers to do it for them behind their backs.Who knows. Whatever the reason, its silly they don't want to admit their images have had work done. Of course, none of my images are retouched at all.What I listened to last week:The Kinks, Muswell HillbiliesWhat I watched last week:Entourage Season FinaleWhat I read last week:Chasing CoolPhoto hair/makeup: Veronica Sjoen